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HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ASSOCIATION WENT FOR HUNGER STRIKE AGAINST DEATH PUNISHMENT OF SARABJIT SINGH There is a difference between Working for Humanity for sake of the people you may know, and inspiring people by your work to feel the essence of working for Humanity are different things. Human Rights Protection Association is that kind of organization which raises their voice in every violated Human Rights cases and inspiring the people by their work. The case of Sarabjit Singh was the example of violated Human Rights by the Government of Pakistan. Human Rights Protection Association had been protesting in several part of the country like in Kolkata including New Delhi where they did Protested from Jantar Mantar to India Gate. In Kolkata they called two times 36 hours Hunger Strike twice.\r\n\r\n In 1991 Singh was given the death sentence under Pakistan’s Army Act. Singh was caught on an unmarked Indo-Pakistani border area in Pakistan and arrested by the Pakistan Rangers near Kasur. Sarabjit Singh was a farmer of the village near Indo-Pakistan Border that is the reason he lost his way to home and caught by the Pakistan cop over there. After seven days of his arresting, the Pakistani cop charged him as the terrorist of bombing in Lahore. He got punishment of 14years of imprisonment in Pakistan.\r\n\r\n The team of Human Rights Protection Association under the leadership of Shmaim Ahmed, raised their voice against the injustice of Pakistani Government for not released him in time. They called for a protest with the demand to release him and not to giving the punishment of Death. Firstly they went for the protest in Delhi, Jantar Mantar. A week before of his death punishment Human Rights Protection Association demonstrates their hunger strike to prevent the death punishment of Srabjit Singh. They went for two times 36 hours hunger strike with so many members of the organization. They asked for the release of Sarabjit Singh and send him to his home ground, Punjab, India.\r\n\r\nThe 36 hours demonstration had begun at Metro Channel on 30th April 2008. Shamim Ahmed minority in charge of the association threatened to Govt. of India, “We regret that, one of citizen of India spent 22years of his life in the Jail of Pakistan with the wrong allegation by the Govt. of Pakistan. The Govt. of India acted like a statue in this case. The Manmohan Singh’s Govt. has not been paid an attention to this matter, where the people of Pakistan also demanding the same like us. If we will not get result from our movement, we will go for another hunger strike”. The local News Channels and News Papers was covered entire movement.\r\n\r\nThe team of Human Rights Protection Association had submitted their deputation to Manmohan Singh (then Prime Minister), Foreign Minister (then) and in Pakistani Embassy in New Delhi as well. National President and International Convener Shamim Ahmed told in his speech that if Sarabjit Singh eventually hanged it would be injustice and inhumanity too for the people of India. The team of HRPA under the leadership of Shamim Ahmed went 5th may 2008 to meet several Government agencies to present its demands and another memorandum.\r\n\r\nAfter the initiation of the team of HRPA,and with the interference of Indian Govt. Pakistan Govt. cancelled the death punishment of Sarabjit Singh but after that the other prisoners of the jail bit him several times. On 26 April 2013 at about 4:30 pm in the Central Jail Lahore (Kot Lakhpat jail), Singh was beaten up by other prisoners, with bricks, sharp metal sheets, iron rods and blades and admitted in the Hospital with critical condition and severe head injuries.The incident clearly implied that the attack on Singh was pre-planned and the jail authorities were involved. He died on 2nd May, 2013 and his body bought to India on the same evening with special air-craft. On the day of his death Shamim Ahmed regretted that, “today humanity is murdered by the Govt. of Pakistan. India Govt. should take extra initiative to investigate the murder case.” Still the Sarabjit Singh’s murder case is not clear to his family.\r\n\r\nThough Sarabjit Singh did not get justice till his last breath but the effort of HRPA created a history in case of Humanity, he got some time to live his life. Hope there will be no unfortunate Sarabjit Singh case happened again.\r\n\r\n



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