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Human Rights Protection Association Protest against Dadri Lynching Case

Human Rights Protection Association Protest against Dadri Lynching Case In the 21st century, India is considered as the Developing Country where unity in diversity is the greatest example of the world and considered having the largest democracy; here in the same time one of family in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh got tortured with the allegation for having beef in their fridge. The head of the family Akhlaq Ahmed died on the spot and his son was injured with severe damages to his body by the mob attacked on the 28th September 2015 evening. On 5 October, Uttar Pradesh Police asked micro blogging site Twitter to remove related text and photographs of the incident, which was considered provocative. The family left Bisara village and moved to an Indian Air Force zone in Delhi on 6 October.Akhlaq Ahmed was alleged as a slaughtering someone’s missing calf that is the reason of his death where he was not at all guilty.\r\n\r\nThis was one of the vital issues, where Human Rights were violated very brutally.Human Rights Protection Association worked on the violation of basic Human Rights. This issue raised the question about the fundamental freedoms of the people of India. Human Rights Protection Association protested against the murder case of Akhlaq Ahmed on 5th October, 2015 near Gandhi Statue at Meyo Road, Dharmtallah, Kolkata. The protest held under the leadership of Shamim Ahmed, National President and International Convener with thousands of followers and members of the association. They all were assembled with the demand of CBI investigation and fair justice of the innocent family. On the day of the Protest supremo of Human Rights Protection Association told in his speech that, “the death of Akhlaq Ahmed is not a death of a particular person or religion, this is murder of democracy and secularism.” He regretted that, “this is not a case of mass killing only; this is the matter of National Unity. The guilty should be punished based on their crime. This issue is being very provocative in case of ruin the National Integrity”.\r\n\r\nThe Prime Minister of India had promised to develop the country; in other side the followers of his party had been created all the nonsense to ruin the national integrity. The national President and International Convener Shamim Ahmed also raised a question against the mob attack to them that, “the people are killed without knowing the actual fact, as a result the wives lost their husbands, children lost their father and the list is so on. In this situation the people of India should get unite and ask for stop all this things as soon as possible. We all are assembled here with one and only demand of CBI investigation in this matter and punished all the alleged persons as the crime they commit”. As a whole the program was very successful as the program was covered by so many local and National media channels and Newspapers.\r\n\r\nThe team of Human Rights Protection Association assembled and protested against the very burning issue of Human Rights.This is the high time for buckle up and fights against the all odds so the people of India will no longer considered as chauvinistic people. National Integration and Secularism are one of the key points of Indian Constitution; we should cater all the positive sides of it. India is not the place for one particular race or culture; this is for all the people who are known as an Indian.\r\n\r\n



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