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HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ASSOCIATION FIGHT AGAINST ALL ODDS IN BIHAR Bihar is the state from where the first empire of India arose to lead India in the age of Maurya and Gupta dynasties. In the time of ancient and classical India Bihar was considered as the place which was culturally sound and enriched and also centres point of power and learning. Many ancient Indian literatures, apart from religious classics, were written in ancient Bihar. Bihar is the state where great Ashoke had started campaign of Buddhism, Mahatma Gandhi initiated their fight for freedom from the village of Bihar. The present scenario of Bihar is different from then, and the change is considered as the negative way in case of Bihar. After late 1970s as per th e statistics in Economic and Social development the rank of the state gradually decreased.The high degree of population and illiteracy rate may cause of the lagged from the other states of India.\r\n\r\nIndia and the state Govt. too has some limitations to reach to the core of the society where the some NGO can provide their service amongst them. Human Rights Protection Association is the name of one NGO, which can make their dreams come true by providing their service to the needy people. Aparna Roy, State general secretary of Human Rights Protection Association (Bihar) is the example of diamond of the society with the help of the National President and International Convener Shamim Ahmed.\r\n\r\nThe lady from Samajtipur with the help of her team member make possible to enter those places where the people from Govt. sector barely do. Human Rights Protection Association made an example that there is no limitation if one really wanted something to do for the society. Socially active from childhood and such inspiring person like Shamim Ahmed made her(Aparna) dream come true in reality that is to aware the needy uneducated people about their basic right which can make them enough strong to defend. If woman of the society got education, then they have the power to protect themselves from the violation like dowry death. HRPA is the organization which is working for the people and with people of the community.\r\n\r\nHere is the detailed interview of Aparna Roy who has drawn the sketch of the scenario of their work on Bihar.\r\n\r\nhrpa-team-With-the-woman-prisoners-in-Jail\r\nHRPA team With the woman prisoners in Jail\r\nSince when you are associated with Human Rights Protection Association?\r\nAns: I am Belong from Samajtipur Bihar, one of my family friends, named Raju Jha told me about the Human Rights Protection Association and their works for the victim of the society in the year of 2012. After I came to know about Human Rights Protection Association from the family friend then I went through the website of the Organization. The way they are doing their work attracted me to join it.\r\n\r\nFrom where you have got inspiration for working in Human Rights Protection Association?\r\nAns; Firstly,I got inspired from my brother to do something for the society. As I am belong from the political family. After I got the information about Shamim Ahmed and Human Rights Protection Association and their work and acceptance amongst the public provoke me to join it. Needless to say that HRPA hold the high degree of faith in Society. I am honored to be the part of this organization and got the brother like Shamim Ahmed.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nHRPA-team-in-Distribution-of-Blankets-in-poor\r\nHRPA team in Distribution of Blankets in poor\r\nIn which sector you are working in Human Rights Protection Association?\r\nAns; Our Prime works are-woman empowerment and Gender Equality now-a-days. Child Education, Child issues like child labour and child trafficking are also the sectors which we have covered. We believe to provide education to every child so they can be aware about their basic rights. We mainly focus on the education. Sometimes we got the idea from Shamim Ahmed.In case of Madhubani we mainly focus on the child education, but in case of Bihar we focused on the woman empowerment, child labor, child trafficking etc. The one of the very important issue covered by our team, that is the visit to the district jail. There are so many old age people, who has no lawyer to fight for them but they have completed their time of punishment. We went there with our expert and ask for the bail for them. Moreover the team provide them the ‘Puja Samagri’ for ‘ChattPuja’,its like they can feel themselves as the part of the society .The Jailor have submitted the list of this kind of prisoners who has no one to release them from the prison.\r\n\r\nDo you get any kind of help from Governmental sector? If yes, then mention it in details.\r\nAns; We didn’t get the financial help from the Government, we got only the moral support from them. According to me, without the financial help from the Govt. this is really tough job to do, but the team of HRPA made it possible.I want to thank all of my members without their support I won’t be able to reach my destination. They are Abhishek Kumar(Secretary), Kailash Bhardwaj(Vice-President), Sardar Manmit Singh(Vice-President), Amit Kumar(Vice-President), Gautam Kumar(Joint Secretary), Ajaydhari Singh(Joint-Secretary), Pramod Kumar(Joint Secretary) and D. P Karn(Human Right Educationist).\r\n\r\nConclusion\r\n\r\nBihar is the eye witnessed of the greatest empires of India, who once lead India and still considered one of the culturally enriched Countries by the International Critics too.RajendraPrasard, was the first president of India belongs from Bihar, Bihar is a state from where the Buddhist people started their campaign with SamratAshoke.After the 67thyears of Independence of India there areState Human Rights Commission,administrative departments available in Bihar, still this state is considered as have the highest criminal offenses comparative to other states of India. People are unaware about the human rights office and also their basic rights so they cannot help themselves. There are 90% people who are not paying direct tax to the Govt. but paid their tax indirect to the Govt. from that Govt. are able to pay the money to their employees.\r\n\r\nHealth issue is one of the sensitive issues in Bihar along with the other issues. The team of HRPA was going for a survey in block hospitals, and report said that the hospitals are totally unhygienic, where dogs and cats occupied the bed instead of patients. The infrastructure in the Government Hospitals; Schools may the cause of the lower rank of Bihar. The poor connection of electricity and the lack of communication arethe vital problems of Bihar. The people feeling afraid to go police station instead of coming to the team of HRPA because the facilities they have got from them.\r\n\r\nHRPA-in-Distribution-of-Blankets-in-poor\r\nHRPA in Distribution of Blankets in poor\r\nThere are so many plans for BPL card holder people in Bihar, but the needy people did not get the facilities because of their unaware about the providing facilities from Government. There are so many ‘Indira Baas Yojona’ for homeless people over there but the fact is unknown to needy people. This is the recent scenario of Bihar now-a-days. The people of Human Rights Protection Association are taking initiatives talk to the DM, Magistrate for let them know about the facts of the people there. The people of HRPA did not get that much of response from the Government. India is a democratic country where every people have the rights of their basic things. The people of HRPA took the responsibilities to provide the information to the needy people about their basic rights.The Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi once told that the Government should think first about the 80% people of the country. In a reality Govt. paid little attention to their maximum people of the Country.Though we live in 21st century where woman of India reached to the moon still we have to fight for the Gender Equality, Woman Empowerment and basic education of child.Human Rights Protection Association is trying to take forward the legacy of glory of Bihar with the warm support of the supremo of the organization.The team of Human Rights Protection Association under the leadership of Shamim Ahmed, National President and International Convener will carry forward their fight for sake of the humanity for the rest of his life.\r\n\r\nWritten by- Sreelekha Goswami



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