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Human Rights Protection Association Protest against Gaza Attack

Human Rights Protection Association Protest against Gaza Attack The Gaza–Israel conflict is a part of the extensive Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict known as Operation Protective Edge and sometimes referred to as the 2014 Gaza war, was a military operation launched by Israel on 8 July 2014. In case of India External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj insisted that “there is absolutely no change in India’s policy towards Palestine, which is that we fully support the Palestinian cause while maintaining good relations with Israel. ” clarified India’s position on the issue on that time.\r\n\r\nThe attack on Gaza strip was the example of the negative side of battle, where the people of Gaza lost their shelter, children left the school and Hospitals were also not been served properly. Shamim Ahmed is the first one who raises his voice along with his fellows against the Fascist aggression against the bombing at Gaza.\r\n\r\nShamim Ahmed, National President of Human Rights Protection Association first raises their voice against the attack in Gaza where the people of West Bengal remain silent on that time. Bengal is a state where every people are highly politically sound and have the modern outlook and have the guts to protest on the unethical issues. In this context Shamim Ahmed raise the voice for Bengalis also why they are remaining silent after this kind of sensitive issue.Shamim Ahmed told, “There are some rules in battle but the rules had been broken by the Government of Israel. The Hospitals, Schools were destroyed on the time of attacking on Gaza.According to the foreign policy, India had bilateral tie up with Israel Government, so the India Government cannot leave the side of Israel. On the time attacking on Palestine’s, the Govt. of India remain silent on that time because of the Indian Policy they have. Human Rights Protection Association took the bold steps for sake of the people in Gaza and cannot be silent whenever there was a question of Humanity and Violation of Human Rights in case of international issues too. The people of the organization have the belief in peace and equality as the father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi followed.We have started our protest from the Gandhi Statue, Kolkata at Meyo Road, Kolkata. We have started our protest firstly by the appeal to the Government ‘Reject the Israeli product’. The protest was continued on almost two months from the beginning in different ways and different place. Human Rights Protection Association had one and only agenda to raise their voice against all of them who is trying to destroy the peace and violated the Human Rights.\r\n\r\nShamim Ahmed raised a question, “What kind of battle is this, where the children, Hospitals are also foremost target point to destroy.” He requested to all the people of India to raise their voice against the attack. He also added “The Fascistprone want to dominate the whole world and trying to grab it in their palm.” If we stop protest against the attack in Gaja, the Fascists will rule the world.” After the revolutionary protest against the issue, three days long Bhookh Hartal declaired by the supremo of the organisation on 19th August 2014 on 11’O clock. There are thousands of people came from different corners and different religion, like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain assembled in this protest and made the issues so strong. There were so many people who protested on the issue of Gaza Attack, but the protest of Human Rights Protection Association were the longest one. India is largest democratic country where the people of the nation tolerate Fascist domination for a long time according to the Shamim Ahmed. India has the policy not to make any kind of relationship with Israel since 40 years. But after the bilateral tie ups with the Israel from last 25 years the Govt. of India is not being able to protest Israel Government. India is a largest democracy with the modern outlook to take the side of the right things like Fascist domination, Communal Harmony. That is why we have the demand to fight against Israel and raise people’s voice against Israel attack over Gaza.



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