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URDU MOVEMENT OF INDIA BY SHAMIM AHMED Urdu Movement by President of (HRPA) Shamim Ahmed – Movement of Urdu Linguistic Community State conference held on the 19th February 2012 for promotion of Urdu language as the official language in West Bengal.\r\n\r\nThe young of generation of 21St century have had in born inheritance from their forefather-the leaders of the movement for Urdu language through self-sacrifice and dedication for this noble cause. It is said to eliminate one nation the disassociate linguistic people from the language they speak as mother tongue. The contemporary history is evidence there were obstacles from within the people and that of the ruler, the then period intentionally created and contributed to eliminate the language widely spoken to say Arabic in Medieval period and English in the present age language. But the facts remain nonetheless any segment of the society or administration cannot destroy any such language by using force or enforcing abuse in law. Linguists know well the reasons as to how and why one widely spoken language is eliminated. At least by political mockery and vandalism no language can be eliminated. It is only possible by those who speak in said language in the society they belong to. It happens in everyday life they love to leave gradually their mother tongue and feel not to use anymore for unexplained reasoning-the cause and effect of the denial of their own.\r\n\r\nURDU MOVEMENT - hrpa-meeting-with-mamata-banerjeeAn important meeting with Honorable Mamta Banerjee & Partho Chaterjee with National President of (HRPA) Leader of Urdu Movement Janab Shamim Ahmed before the parliamentary election 2009. In this meeting Mamta Banerjee has promised, if she will become the Chief Minister of West Bengal she will surely recognized Urdu language as a 2nd official language of West Bengal.\r\n\r\nIt will not be exaggeration to mention here that “INDIA” is the birthplace of many language like Urdu language has always been in forefront to play the role for expression of human feeling within the Indian community at large. We came to know from the history Urdu had always been the pivotal role to link with other spoken languages.\r\n\r\nurdu movement - protect-rally-in-leadership-shamim-ahmed\r\n\r\nA protect rally against Left Front Government in the leadership of Janab Shamim Ahmed with Urdu lovers on International Mother Language Day 21st February 2011, for promoting Urdu as a 2nd official language of West Bengal. The Urdu lovers\r\n\r\nSome people in our country think of Urdu language of elite class of people in the society- the idea is incorrect in the 15th century people widely speak in Urdu right from village to town irrespective of religious caste or creed who belonged to lower and middle caste of people in the society obviously some of them were in the then ruler’s employment or service. They do not know even Arabic, Sanskrit and Farsi language. That is why they choose to speak lovingly their known language Urdu. The Sufi sect of the society further glorified this language and used as language of the people and gave birth to Urdu literature/language of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh spoken by the community people.\r\n\r\nhrpa-rally-against-Left-Front-Government\r\n\r\nhrpa-Urdu taken in the Shahi Darbar\r\n\r\nIndia is the country where people speak as many as languages they have inherited in different region and various segment of the community. The wide spoken language Urdu taken in the Shahi Darbar of medieval rulers during the whole period of the 700 years of their sultanate regime. It was flourished and nourished by the scholars and made a history the ages to enrich it further to its resurrection through movements by all and sundry. After invasion of the British another parallel language emerged – English helps to create division amongst within the linguistic people in turmoil. The British rulers patronized to spread English language from administration to grass root level by felicitating through missionaries all over India. In this pretext Sir Syed Ahmed swayed with the thinking how to save the language Urdu before being eliminating process of the foreign rulers dream proved unsuccessful. Sir Syed Ahmed, the national scholar and stern follower of Urdu his mother tongue was hurt to this act of foreign rulers evil design. In Bahadur Shaad Azimabad resigned from government job to protest against the same likewise Sir Syed Ahmed left government service to mark his protest for restoration of Urdu language. But all together it produces some counter effect to divide India linguistically. India won freedom ironically after division / separation but graciously enough the Urdu language that to its own reign but the disgraceful undesirable situation rose as the community comprising largely by hindus and muslims fought against themselves on the ground of religion.\r\n\r\nIMG-20160422-WA0045\r\n\r\nDr Zakir Hossain was successful to establish Urdu as one of the richest , popular widely spoken language who later became president of India. On the other hand Janab Gulam Sarwar fought for status of state language in the mid 50s. To the effort of spreading movement for Urdu language in mid 60s and he started campaigning against Congress to give respect and dignity for the cause of Urdu language and elected in Assembly Election on that ground alone but failed to his mission as no such Bill is passed in the Bihar Assembly still then the movement continued. By this time in Uttar Pradesh Narayan Pandey and his two close friends sat on hunger strike and their precious lives to see Urdu as a state language. And up till now their sacrifice influence and inspires to the followers of this movement. Their sacrifice as a common people for Urdu not that of stature or dignity to influence the people but regarded as respect of the people of different works.The movement even taken to the street of Kolkata where he is popularly known and called Shamim Ahmed Sahab as a mark of leadership. It is only seven years back the movement in Kolkata was limited to a group of people, no so called Urdu scholars came to our notice to participate in the movement, but mostly common people took interest for this cause.\r\n\r\nOnce when the Urdu movement gained ground amongst the Urdu belt he never took credit for that but named one Shayesta Bano as his active associate and participant whose appearance in a movement helps to get the credit in other word without her participation such achievement could not be yield. One should know how the Urdu movement spreaded gradually, it was door to door campaign, leaflet and historic protest movement for issues related to abuse of human rights. It was the hunger strike for continuous 36 hours in front of Mahatma Gandhi Statue at Maidan organized by Shamim Ahmed and associates which speak for itself. Thus the Left Front government was rather forced to honor their linguistic movement as it’s the constitutional rights to speak in language they belong to. With the passage of time Urdu movement emerged as the national movement beyond the boundary of Weat Bengal.

08 December,2017


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