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HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (HRPA) RESCUE AND REHABILITATION IN MURSHIDABAD The district Murshidabad is one of the neglected areas of eastern region and has become the back bencher towards development only for the reasons of poltical rivalry resulted in poverty and unemployment. The bonded labourer work in beedi industry somehow live their livelihood in the meager income in the same way the cultivator, farmers had to suffer a lot for the flood/ over flow of the water from the Ganges destroy their agricultural products including paddy. If we look back Murshidabad has great historical importance under the Nawab was in better condition than the present ruler left front government living no remedy for t heir revival. Most of the resident rests their heads in the thatched house. In the year 2007, May. The village Baunabad at night suddenly came under fire.\r\n\r\nThe people lost everything but somehow survived. But the government did not take any initiative to rescue them or arrange their rehabilitation. It was the Human Rights Protection Association organized a rescue operation and arranged their rehabilitation of its own. The movement under the leadership of Shamim Ahmed with their of 1 lacks started rescue work with the medical team under state President Shayaesta Bano.\r\n\r\nTreated the sufferer and arranged foods for the victims with their counter part 100 of sympathizer reached to the remote areas of villages collecting rice, potatoes, pulses during the day time and at night distributed the cooked foods to the victims as much as they can. After one month he again visited the affected area and earned love, respect and sympathy from the inhabitants from the said area in particular.\r\n\r\n

08 December,2017


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