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HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (HRPA) STRUGGLE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE India won freedom for about 67 years past. India has enlisted herself in the list of developed countries from developing countries. Three decades back the rail engine operated by coal steam now run by power as bullet train. It is also interesting to know more than one Indians included in the topper list in the richest men in the globe. But the question remains whether India has developed in true sense whether social justice has been owned whether the dream of Gandhiji translated into reality.\r\n\r\nWe talk about metropolis Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata as parameter of development. The high rise buildings wide clean, wide roads runs through the cities showed the pride of development activities and metropolis and the life style of the people live there in. And when we leave the city place and enter in the rural areas find the different life of the rural people where they do not have the opportunity of enjoying electricity. This really disappoints factor that India Has growth rate and having population 120 crores where in 37 Crores of people is below the poverty line having daily income of Rs 37 only to maintain their livelihood. The illiteracy, child education is below the expectation in comparison to the Asian Countries as after completion of 10 standards more than 60 % students drop out. Gandhiji told, “India will not develop in true sense until and unless the entire population enjoy their rights and come out of deprivation”. The child death rate for malnutrition all these neglected sector and deprivation tantamounts to the break of humanity and lots of dignity. One will be happy to note that recently, a decade back Shamim Ahmed under the banner of Human Rights Protection Association working with the counterpart in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Bihar including West Bengal the crime place for restoration of abusing humanity. As we know Gandhiji started Non-Cooperation movement against the foreign ruler from Champaran in Bihar which spreaded all over India. And the outcome was the foreign ruler handed over India to rule by its people.\r\n\r\nShamim Ahmed who fought for the cause of restoration of humanity started from the Kolkata before the Gandhi statue partly succeeded in his mission. He was the first person and demanded the release of Indian National Sarbajit from the Pakistani government as a result of the process of hanging was put on hold by the Pakistani government. Tapasi Malik the victim of torture and abuse was protested by the human rights commission under his leadership. And ha sat on hunger strike before the Chinsura Court and also he fought for the laborers’ in railway project who lost their service this is because he never wanted the sacrifice of the Bhagat Singh is not abuse, likewise wherever humanity is in abuse he was vocal and protest against it. The idea behind Human Rights Protection Association under Shamim Ahmed amongst others are, no death for hunger, no child should leave school for want of money, child health care for want of money should not be there and even money power in the hand of people who create instability and disturb harmony of the people for peaceful co-existence. I t has become the order of the day who live around have lost their consciousness and protest for injustice in our day to day life, it has to be stopped for the cause of justice in our society. It is also observed by him if a human being abused by others belonging to Muslim community people around think about the matter in the perspective of alone; never think of humanity sufferer alone. It s need of then hour every individual should protest against the abuse of power to protect humanity against any caste, color or creed.

08 December,2017


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