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A RAY OF HOPE A RAY OF HOPE IN THE DARK OF HOLE – HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ASSOCIATION\r\n\r\nMohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, the founder father of independent India led a life of simplicity, honesty and with dignity and power will. We have learned from his life history that he left South Africa leaving his job, reached to India. When the British has taken the power to rule India faced string opposition from the freedom movement that had started long before his arrival. The different revolutionary parties came under his leadership and the movement turned to be all India movement supported by each and every Indian and the British ruler had to leave India; and India won freedom on 15th August, 1947.\r\n\r\nIn when the independence was pronounced then Gandhiji was visiting Noakhali in Bangladesh to save the humanity from the communal riots. However the country as divided into two parts based on religion and the new born countries form their countries but the Mission of Gandhiji was never ending.\r\n\r\nThis is because the stable goverment if to be formed active participation from all segments of societies irrespective of caste, color and religion should be there. Here is the spirit of truth and patience for everybody and a in united India. For this cause he sat on hunger strike to make bridge between the two communities’ i.e; Hindus and Muslims but he had to be assassinated for this cause. Now it has become the order of the day people sat before the Gandhi Statue protesting against the injustice to the humanity including linguistic people for the end of justice. The dream of Gandhiji is yet to be fulfilled as there is still great disparity between the rich and poor. Just 15 years back in the year 1999, 20th November the Human Rights Protection Association is a formed with the very purpose protecting humanity. Shamim Ahmed in the one hand has been trying t o protect the human rights on the other hand to reach to the poorest people in rural areas to help them to maintain their livelihood. It is undeniable fact that under his leadership state government gave recognition to the Urdu language as state language. Further in the 22 states in Indian dominion the Human Rights Association established their office to act unified manner for this noble cause. And again in the year 2014, 29th November national unity movement has been called for to make this movement stronger and for communal harmony has to be achieved.\r\n\r\n

08 December,2017


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