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HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (HRPA) FORMED DHARAM SANSAD BY SHAMIM AHMED Kolkata: The successful completion of 15 years was celebrated by the Human Rights Protection Association along with the Communal Harmony Week held at Kala Mandir on 29th Nov, 2014 to instill sentiments of peaceful-coexistence, mutual respect, amity and brotherhood amongst the diverse segments of our Leaders of the Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain and Sikh faith came on one platform to emphasize that religion taught people to come together and not create differences. The National President and International Convener of Human Rights Protection Association Shamim Ahmed said “Religion brings us together it does not create differences, Unity in diversity is the basic principle of Indian culture”.\r\n\r\nVikas (development) and Mitas (sweetness) never comes from fighting it only comes from peace and love. On the path of religion there is no place for violence, hatred, disgust and fear. Peace is necessary for development. The people and India need to cooperate in order to stop terrorism and violence. Shamim Ahmed said “No wrong was ever made right through more violence. To eradicate the many challenges we face as human beings-such as unemployment, poverty and illness we have to stop fighting with one another and work as one family in the spirit of Vashudaiva Kutumbakum.\r\n\r\nThis gathering of peace is just the first important step towards learning to walk together and hold each other’s hands as we are the preserver in this long and continuous journey together. The State President W.B, and National Secretary General Shayesta Bano said that she has seen so many different forms of violence growing that she believes everyone needs to unify to find more effective methods against violence and terrorism. She said peace, nonviolence and harmony are the only way to establish a better world.\r\nShamim Ahmed, the International Convener and the National President on the occasion said that world political, spiritual leaders and social organizations should work closely to create world peace and communal harmony and to create a better society. He called upon the political and the religious leaders and other NGO’s to come forward to check violence and terrorism and strengthen the unity of mind. Of late, communal harmony has become the global issue to be redressed carefully to protect the humanity from abuse, wounds and loss of lives everywhere in all sections of the society at large. Efforts are on through the peace building nations over the decades by the government and non-government level in terms of local administration and even in the international level by the United Nations Human Rights forum in many ways but tangible results is beyond our reach as of now. It is a matter of big concern and sorrow and also heartbreaking affairs that the precious peace process has been defeated by a section of the society to satisfy their evil means at the cost of invaluable life of people at public domain by rioting, looting, damaging property and lives of the ethnic minorities which includes child, women, aged populace and also promising youth.\r\n\r\nThe emphasizes a collation of parallel passage to demonstrate agreement that is, peaceful co-existence. The combination of the two words in the perception of the humanity and to preserve it has become the uphill task of the world community as even a challenge through their continuous and tireless process to ensure peace in every nook and corner of the civil society by all reasonable means. If we look back to pre-independence period when India was ruled by the British, they had tried their best to suppress the independence movement by the use of force, physical torture and abuses to ensure their continuity of unwanted regime for many decades. But failed to achieve anything thereby their last evil mean to envisage “Two Nation Theory” dividing the majority and minority section by fomenting, dictating, religious sermon amongst them and succeeded by separating India into two states. The foreign ruler knew well by the religion based society will keep fighting amongst themselves. And there will be no solution altogether. This silver lining of separation exist even after creation of independent India and both the communities fighting together and treating themselves as enemy of each other as we witness today. In post independent period, even after 67 years of achieving independence we have miserably failed to establish a normal and satisfying state of completeness and order in the relations of things to each other.\r\n\r\nIt will not be exaggerated to mention here that the Muslims and other minority communities in India felt that a part of the majority class of people of this country from which they had been cut off by an arbitrary Act. It is a fact that the so called majority dominated section of people has drawn a line around the entire country creating a situation to cut off the minority from their own nation and people were set against each other within a narrow space. In term of justice, equality and power sharing the minorities are not making the sort of claims and not even seeking particulars prerogatives of rights but only willing to live peacefully.\r\nIt is the need of ours everywhere in the world to see and ensure to protect the humanity as an integrate and progressive part of the society. In this way the most desirable way communal harmony will be achieved in the future to come. In the line of promoting peace” Human Rights Protection Association” has a big role to play and ensure peace by formation of “DHARAM SANSAD” which is the resolution on 29.11.20114 at Kala Mandir, Kolkata taken before a gathering of 1500 intellectuals, dignitaries, Scholars from different work of life including representation by the State Administration at the invaluable occasion of 15 anniversary of the Human Rights Protection Association headed by Shamim Ahmed.\r\n\r\nIt was decided on the event that a separate “ DHARAM SANSAD” will be formed and the responsibility will be taken care of by as proposed to Shri Swami Sarvananda, Hazrat Maulana Anisur Rehman Qasmi (Secretary Imart-E-Sharya) Bishop P.S.P. Raju, Mani Muni Kumarji Maharaj and the Event has Presided by Hon’ble Justice I.M. Quddusi. In this regard we have invited the most reverent personalities of the society like Hon’ble Justice Dr. Radhakrishna Patra ( Orissa State) ,Hon’ble Justice Rajesh Tandon ( Utrakhand State) , Hazrat Moulana Anisur Rahman Qasmi ( Head Of Imarat-e Sharaiya),Pujepath Mahatma Swami Lakshmi Shankar Acharya (Renowned Scholer, President Hindu Muslim Ekta) Your Excellency Bishop Thomas D’Souza, Shri Muni Kr Ji Maharaj ( President of Mahendra Muni Mani Kumarji Maharaj ,Your Excellency Bishop P.S.P. Raju Swami Sarwanand Saraswati (President of Mahashaktipeeth), Hon’ble Sudip bondhopadhye (Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha) Ho’ble Firhad Hakim (State Minister, W.B), Hon’ble Nadeemul Huque (Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha), Hazrat Moulana Shafiq Khatibu Imam, Nakhoda Masjid, Kolkata Shri Muni Kr Ji Maharaj ( President of Mahendra Muni Mission)\r\n\r\nSwami Vijay Chaturvedi Yogi (President Devrishi Yogpith ,Mrs. Anindita Benerjee Tamta (social Activist), Mr. Taranjit Singh, Mr. T.S. Walia, Mr. Saroj Agarwal, Mr. Gajendra Karnani, Mr. Mahesh Karnani, Biplab Dutta Burman ( HRPA SCM, W.B), Ashok Saraogi (HRPA SCM, W.B), Arjun Aswini (HRPA SCM, W.B), Shiv Shankar Rana (HRPA SCM, W.B), Om Prakash Baid (HRPA SCM, W.B), O.P. Shah (social worker), Advocate Tarun Kumar Benerjee (HRPA SCM, W.B), Jugal kishore (HRPA SCM, W.B), Swami Paras Nath Giri Amendra Nath Ghosh (National Vice President), Salahuddin Lodhi (National member), Shahnawaz Kahn (National Vice President, HRPA)\r\n\r\nTo promote and propagate the Communal Harmony of India we have organized another Event related to this subject on 2nd January, 2015 at the very Historical Place The Muslim Institute of Kolkata to emphasis the unity and diversity of India Fundamental Future and democracy of our Country we have called 200 religious Leaders form Mathura, Kasi, Ajodhya and we have also invited 100 Muslim spiritual Leaders of India, 100 Sikh Religious Leaders, 50 Jain Dharam Leaders, 100 Christians Religious Leaders, more over 650 religious Leaders from all over India were invited in this Event to promote \\DHARAM SANSAD . This is the highest time to all religious Leaders to come together and fight against the evil of society and this is the only way that can help each other and riving sense and brotherhood and love and respect. And for this purpose we have formed the DHARAM SANSAD were in prominent people form diverse Religion like Hundism, Buddism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, and Christianity are coming together to spread the message of communal Harmony by DHARAM SANSAD

08 December,2017


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