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Human Rights Protection Association – Savior from Domestic Violence

Human Rights Protection Association – Savior from Domestic Violence

Human Rights Protection Association- Savior of Thousand Families from Domestic Violence

Journey, to be Continued

We live in digital era, where everything gets digital from ration card to passport. Still we have to fight for the gender equality, Woman Safety, against the dowry death in India. There are so many laws and safety protection for woman in India. Is the woman of India really safe? Thus the newspapers of India shared the same? This question will go for each and every woman of India who has to face humiliation for being biologically different from men. A new born baby girl considered as the ‘Lakshmi’, and it’s like the light of a dark room for enlightening the home by her first step into the home. Parents save their money for their children. In case of boy the money has kept for his education purpose and in case of girl it would be for her wedding. Then after her marriage with the high amount of dowry, parents expect a happy married life of her daughterbut unfortunately they got only disappointment. Death for dowry is almost consistent issues of newspaper if one randomly goes through the newspaper.

Being a student of Journalism and Mass Communication, I have to work on very contemporary issues within the society. After watching the news from media I decided to work on it and decided to get connected with the NGOs in Kolkata which are solved this type of cases. I went for some NGOs who are working on domestic violence. We had discussion, but still I could not get the satisfaction or the points which will make my research done because those cases are not at all nicely done by them. Moreover they have no declaration of the cases from the applicant of the case. After sometime I came to know about the organization which is working with the people for the humanity. Human Rights Protection Association, proved itself as they are working for the people in society. One day I met Mr,ShamimAhmed hold the position as the National President and International Convener of this organization, asking him tolet me know the solved cases by his team. He told to his office assistant Miss NishatParvin to provide me all the information I need. It was a huge amount of files of solved cases by HRPA. Not only that, it was very nicely done with the time span by the team of HRPA, which was mentioned in the declaration of the applicant.

I have tried to study at least 100cases, as it was impossible to go through the all the cases. It will take a year to go through the solved cases only. So, despite of all the cases, I took few as my research subject and did survey on it. As the day had passed I became more interest to know more about the applicants of the cases. Then I contacted with the applicant’s family to know how HRPA worked to solve the cases without informing organization. I made a list of around of 100 people and went for their places. It took almost a month to cover the 100 people. What I have got from them, which is the optimistic key factor of my research work. The question arose in my mind that how they solved their cases by providing counseling or something where it would take a long year in the police and court to solve the case. I asked those applicants how HRPA worked amongst them and all. They confessed that HRPA work as miracle or magic. Someone (as not allowed to mention the name) said that they have got their family back, had cleared all the misunderstanding and live their life happily. One lady told me that basis on the complaint to the local police her husband had sent to the jail. HRPA took the matter and solve it out very fast they called the family with the presence of the counseling team of HRPA then starting the counseling process. She told “I was afraid to go to the office for this matter, but it was very homely atmosphere over there. After completing the first round of counseling they leave us (Husband & Wife) in an empty room for the discussion between us. After an hour we solved our matter very quickly. It is true that, with their help it won’t be possible to solve this matter so fast”. Needless to say that, people got harassed by going to the police station and Court for justice, because of the time consuming process. The journey of HRPA had begun from 20 years ago.

Public surveys reveal that HRPA hold a high degree of public trust, which can make them more acceptable to needy people of the society.Here are some details of very important cases which was firmly done the team of HRPA with devotion.

1.Domestic Violence

Case no – 1

A lady, Anisha Roy lodged a complaint against her in-laws and husband. She lodged the complaint under the article no 498-A. Later she told that she has no idea about 498-A law and its consequences.

STORY- She mentioned in her letter to HRPA that, she was tortured by her in-laws and husband. Later, after the birth of their only child on 9th may 2011, the level of physical torture was increasing day by day. She also mentioned that, their only child had an empty stomach because of the torture. It was intolerable for her so she decided to leave her in-law and shift to her parents place in Garia. After few months of her shifting, her husband came to her place and gave a threat that he wanted his boy back. Otherwise the baby might be kidnapped; she could not find him out.

What HRPA did?

  • After the research work done in the basis of the lodged complaint, HRPA took initiatives to make them happy couple again. HRPA arranged a counseling session along with the husband wife and both of their family altogether.

  • In the very next session she decided to stay with her husband and family. As well her husband promised not to insult her anyway.

  • The case was continued for a long time in court, where HRPA took two or three counseling, after that they agreed to stay together.
  • She also confessed that she was manipulated by her advocate and has no idea about 498-A law and its consequences.

This is one of the most important one, because this case was manipulative which was solved by HRPA.

2.Domestic violence
Case no – 2

Story-Baishali Sharma the victim, who had come up with the problem of her marriage life. She got married with Abhishek Sharma, son of Pramod Sharma from Saltlake. Baishali’s husband was associated with TCS Rajharhat with the 20k per month salary. At the time of marriage Baishaliwas unaware about the bad habits of her husband. He was alleged that he used to take alcohol like every day and use offensive words to his wife. Baishalialso mentioned that sometimes he bit her. She gave a birth of a baby boy and demands 12000 rupees per month as the monthly expenses of the baby. Her husband refused to give the money, and send 5000 for the baby.

What HRPA did?

  • As soon as HRPA took the responsibilities to solve the case, they have arranged a meeting for both of the family. They have a long discussion with them. The experts of the team took the case and solve the case within a week.

  • In the next session of counseling, HRPA called only Husband and Wife and continue the discussion. After completing the second day of counseling, it was seemed that, they were more convinced with the expertise and agreed to stay with each other.

  • After some meetings they have cleared all the misunderstanding between them and their family and decided to live with each other.
  • Not only that the husband gave us a write up where he mentioned that he will never do it again and he will maintain their relationship with all the respect and dignity.

This is one of the most important one, because it took very little time to solve by HRPA.

Domestic Violence,

Case no 3

Story – Chandrani Dutta lodged a complaint against her husband with the allegation of mental and physical torture after marriage. She also told that her in-laws forced her for giving them money which she denied to pay. She was married. After that she gave a birth of girl child. The child was born in Kolkata while she was staying with her parents. She filed a title suit 498A on through Mahila Thana in Cuttack. Moreover she mentioned that her husband never send the expenditure during the time of separation. She filed another case against her husband for the demand of the daily expenditure of her and child.
After the order passed from court for paying maintenance expense for them, her husband do not even bother to pay the money. Then she decided to appeal for justice in HRPA.

What HRPA did?

  • First of all, HRPA arranged for a counseling the lady along with her husband with the expertise of the team.
  • Then after the counseling the experts decided to leave them alone in a room to sort out the problem by themselves.
  • After the interference of HRPA she mentioned in her write up that she is ready to live with her husband.
  • Not only is that she ready to stay with her in-laws giving them the proper respect. She claimed that her husband should take the responsibilities of their only girl child.

Now after the meeting with the family again, they are obliged to the team of HRPA for giving them their life back again. This is a great achievement of the team of HRPA.

4. Domestic Violence

Case No 4

Sumona Roy wife of Mr. IndrajitDas residence of Village- Raipur, filed a complaint against of her husband. She complained that her husband has another marriage, from which he is about to get a divorce. Husband failed to fulfill the alimony to his ex-wife due to lack of money he has. So he decided to get married again, with whom he can get money and able to pay the alimony to his previous wife. Even they are not legally married. Presently her husband is working in Computer Section of a College in Haldia. They have their only girl child with three years old. The lady asked for help from the village Panchayat. They have arranged a meeting with the presence of both families. The husband agreed to live with his present wife and her daughter and assured that, they will do registry marriage. The husband failed to keep his words and leave his family by going to his workplace.

What HRPA did?

  • In this context HRPA paid their extra attention to solve this case. In this matter HRPA called first the family of the couple. Then they asked the details of the first marriage of the Indrajit Das.

  • The groom’s family was unaware about the first marriage of Indrajit Das. After knowing the fact they agreed for the divorce with the first wife.

  • After than HRPA start counseling with the husband and wife. First started with the wife, then with the husband as well.

  • After knowing the fact of the problem, the present wife agreed to live with him with the assurance of the divorce to the first wife.
  • Then the present wife agreed to with her in-laws and with her husband too.

It was very critical case done by HRPA within very short time span.

5. Asking money for club forcefully

Case No – 5

ApplicantRinku Das, residence in North Bengal, lodged a complaint to HRPA against the member of the club near her house. She alleged with the complaint that, after came to the new place in English bazar, some members of the club had come with the demand of donation of 5000 rupees in the time of puja, which is not affordable to pay for her. She did FIR and a complaint to the local police station, mentionedthe details of their harassments they faced. After that, the alleged members of club gave a write up to the police station with the promise that they are not going to disturb the family for further demand. After long time the family have to face physical harassments along with the insult by the gang of members from the club. On the day of puja the gang has come, hit the woman and child. Moreover they molested the child and the woman. After some time police has come to the place and rescue the family. Police has promised to protect them, which they didn’t. On the night of the incident, the victim family got so many threat calls from the hooligans. Not only that, the police promised to protect their friend, who has come with family on the night. Police took him to the jail, and hit brutally so he had a fracture with his left hand and he lost his vision of his right eye. They filed a case against them with the write up of the whole scenario. The family has the doctor reports with them as the document of the case. The lady is a lawyer by her profession but still she is begging for justice.

What HRPA did?

  • The selected team of HRPA went to North Bengal to investigate the whole cases and talk with the local police over there.

  • After the investigation over there we have reached to the conclusion, that, the club members had done the unethical with the innocent family.

  • After the note about the declaration, the club just took the revenge from them.

  • The team of HRPA gave the write describing the whole scenario, and asked for the justice to the local police officer. The team submitted the copy to local law enforcement agency to take the case so seriously.
  • The police took the case and promised us to solve the case as soon as possible.

This case was little different from other domestic violence case. This case was considered as the molestation and forceful activity by the club. It was very nicely done by the team of HRPA.

Well above cases are those categories of cases where people have alternatives to go elsewhere. Here are some cases also which has no alternatives without HRPA. This kind of cases worked as the achievement of the organization.

  • There a case lodged in very recent time that is a worker asking for the help to get his money back. Sub-contractor mentioned in the paper that he would clear the all dues after the completion of the project.
  • The worker came up with allegation that after completion of the project, the contractor would not pay a single penny to him. It’s clear that the worker had nowhere to go for the complaint as the sub-contractor is more powerful than the worker.
  • Another case has come to the National Office of HRPA, which is the case of shopkeeper faced harassment by local police. The police officer himself gave him a threat to close the shop. The shopkeeper and his elder brother who is a Heart Patient with high blood pressure. This innocent people have nowhere to go except HRPA because the local police was involved with the case.
  • Another very important case handled very recently with the help of the expert team of HRPA.Gold manufacturers collect orders from the gold shop of Bowbazar and Beniapukur and supply the same to them.He collected order from a Jewelry shop, and got payment in different time. In this respect I owe 26,828 rupees from the Jewelry shop which I didn’t get from him. After complaining to the ‘Gold Murohant association’, he stopped giving h

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