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"Is the legislation on Triple Talaq a social reform? " # Shamim Ahmed

The egregious practice that some muslim men employ to divorce their wives instantaneously and without their consent merely by uttering the word talaq thrice has finally been declared unconstitutional by Indian Supreme Court. The Supreme Court bench has agreed to instant triple talaq unconstitutional by a 3:2 majority. However with the recent judgement passed against instant triple talaq will it stop the practice of the same? laws of punishment and imprisonment are made on those matters that are against humanity therefore having declared triple talaq unconstitutional is it valid that laws be made on issues that are unconstitutional? However If we still think that laws should be made on such a matter then let us take into consideration the issue of Nirbhaya where the accused were sentenced to death. However, according to National Crime Records Bureau even today ninety three women are being raped on a daily basis all over India. Mr.Ahmed says despite carrying out of amendments in the legal system, adopting safety measures in transport there are still cases of molestation and rape that is heard of everyday, even death sentence has not brought about a lessening in the comitment of such crimes. Another example is of the Jan Lok Pal bill which was drawn to investigate into corruption. It aimed to deter corruption and compensate citizen grievances. Protest march, public awareness drives were carried out to campaign for the bill. Anna Hazare was even successful in mobilizing the support of thousands in the virtual world of social media. However corruption in Indian society is still prevalent. So the National President of Human Rights Protection Association Mr. Shamim Ahmed says that the bills passed in our country are only on paper, it has not been implemented completely as the aggrieved citizens have not benefited much as explained in the above mentioned examples. In India the legislation of laws are made too easily for political gain however it does not bring about much improvement in the society.