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India 's Constitution is India 's pride- let us abide by it

India gained its Independence on 15th August 1947 after which the process of Constitution was started. The Constitution was passed on 26th November 1949 In the Constituent Assembly which was adopted on 26th January 1950 with a democratic government system. 26th January was selected because it was on this day in 1930 when the Declaration of Indian Independence called ‘Purna Swaraj’ was passed. Human Rights Protection Association under the leadership of its National President and International Convenor Mr. Shamim Ahmed, Lily Chakraborty- the Working President of West Bengal, Rajiv Shetty- Kolkata District President, Md. Qudratullah- Secretary General of Kolkata District, Md. Iftekhar- General Secretary, Nishat Parveen- Office Secretary, Md. Quddus-Member of District Committee Kolkata and thousands of other members and followers came together in the National Office located at 48B, Anandapalit Road, Kolkata 700014 to celebrate Republic Day and hoist the National Flag. Mr. Ahmed congratulated everyone on this occasion and said that if a movie can create so much fuss and awaken religious and cultural feelings then why is it that our Constitution does not raise feelings of Nationalism in us. We see vandalism happening in our Country in the name of religion, caste and personal interests. The fact that we have immense affiliation towards our religion, castes and fight over it makes it evident that we do not take pride in our Constitution. It is because of such reasons that even while casting our votes we keep religious interests above everything and thereby fail as responsible citizens of the Country. Today our youth is coming out on the roads with stones and swords to show their support against movies which created enough turmoil in the society. If our youth came forward to show their support in matters of social importance which would lead to the betterment of the society it would have been appreciated. Mr. Ahmed said that the Republic of India is under threat because our political leaders are standing in support of religious communities and communal sentiments because of which they cannot even guarantee the safety of little children travelling in school buses. On the occassion of Ram Navami people take out processions with swords and all this is happening because we do not have faith in our Constitution. We citizens fail to believe that our Constitution will protect us and so we are unable to have faith in the orders passed by the Supreme Court which tries its best to abide by the Indian Constitution. We keep questioning about the supremacy of individuals, communities and religion thereby negating the supremacy of the Constitution. To safeguard public property, to stay away from violence, live in a state of harmony are the ideals of the Constitution and as responsible citizens we should abide by the ideologies of the Constitution but sadly we do not. Probably when the Constitution was written we were not ready to accept such ideas but today even after seventy years of Independence our educated youth too are unable to accept such ideas is a matter of concern for the Country. It is our educational institutions which has somewhere failed to produce youth who will abide by the principles of the Constitution. When the Indian Constitution was written those leaders overlooked religion and made rules for the betterment of the society and Country but today we are mixing religion and politics. The leaders today are using religion as a basis to procure votes. All this shows that the basic principles of our Constitution is not being followed because if we did there would not have been so much chaos over issues of what should be eaten as in the case of lynching Ikhlaque Ahmed Of Uttar Pradesh or the protest over the release of a movie like Padmavat. Mr. Ahmed said that students in our schools and colleges are being taught Politics and Civics as a subject just to pass their examination, they fail to understand the real essence of such subjects. They have to be taught to believe in the value system of the Constitution which is made to cater to the needs and rights of the people, to protect everyone and maintain public order and societal peace and harmony. The people of the Country have to leave behind communal issues like ‘gau raksha’ and ‘Shariah’ and come forward to protect our National interests and follow the ideals of the Constitution. Mr. Shamim Ahmed said that if we look at England, they do not have a written Constitution yet they follow rules and regulations but in India despite having a beautifully penned down Constitution we fail to abide by it. As responsible citizens we should come forward and question the ideas and practices which go against our Constitution. We should practice a civic religion which should be synonymous to our Constitutional ideals. We have to choose such leaders who shall be accountable to the people for their actions instead of looking for a strong leader who will twist and turns rules and laws to suit their personal interests and henceforth become dictators. In conclusion it can be stated that we need to have faith in our Constitution and abide by its ideals and principles and rise above petty issues which only destroys the Country and breaks the unity of its people.