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Gandhiji’s assassination- assassination of India’s soul.

The National President and International Convenor of Human Rights Protection Association Mr. Shamim Ahmed expressed grief on the occasion of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and said that light has gone out of our lives and there is darkness everywhere. Our beloved leader, Bapu as we all call him, the Father of the Nation is no more with us. There is no true leader like him to whom we can run to for advice and seek solace and this is a true blow to the Nation. The light that Gandhiji spread in the Country represented the living eternal truth reminding us of the right path, drawing us from error and taking the Country to freedom. Gandhiji dedicated his life to discovering and pursuing ‘truth’ or ‘satya’. For we Indians he is the epitome of compassion, fellow feelings, selflessness and self-transformation. Independence was the grand outcome of a life-time of struggle. However today we have forgotten the man and his ideals who gave us freedom. The most significant and inspiring icon of India’s freedom movement was following a non-violent movement but in Indian today we see violence taking place in every sphere of society. Mr. Ahmed says that along with Independence we are also celebrating corruption. India is not truly free because like slaves we are accepting injustice, we are stealing, breaking laws and doing everything possible to show disrespect to our Motherland. Modern India faces a crisis of good leadership and character. Unless we develop a strong National character we will be denied access to a Country that our leader Gandhiji dreamt of. India’s ideal is Government ‘of the people’, ‘by the people’ and ‘for the people’, but today as per the words of Mr. Ahmed we have an India where the Government is ‘of the politicians’, ‘by the politicians’ and ‘for the politicians’ so he feels that India is now ripe for another freedom struggle. It is our duty as citizens of India to rise and restore our past glory. We have to wage a war against the evils of society and spread joy among our fellow beings. There has been enough poison spread in this Country during the past years and this poison has had an effect on people’s minds. We must root out this poison, face the perils that encompass us in a way that our beloved teacher taught us to face them. We have to come together in strength and unity and face the troubles that are in front of us. In conclusion, Mr. Ahmed says that the greatest prayer that we can offer is to take a pledge to dedicate ourselves to truth and to the cause for which this great Countryman Mahatma Gandhi lived and for which he has died. This is the best prayer that we can offer to Gandhiji, his memory, to India and to ourselves.