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Give us poison or give us employment

The National President and International convener of Human Rights Protection Association Mr. Shamim Ahmed is deeply saddened at the situation of India where there is an alarming phase of mass unemployment among the educated youth. There has not been a single Government in the history of India which has guaranteed employment opportunities to the educated youth which is why our graduates and post-graduates are running from pillar to post in search of employment. Educated youth is the pillar of a Nation’s future destiny but a Nation whose youth will remain unemployed will not be able to make progress in the substantial sense of the term. Present day youth is trying its best to educate themselves, they are spending lakhs of rupees in joining educational institutions, spending sleepless nights and pursuing degrees yet when it comes to employment they are unable to get one. Many a times we see people looking for Government jobs but are unable to get one as either the exams get cancelled or it takes too much time for results to be published hence employment becomes a distant dream. If giving jobs to its youth is so difficult for the Government then it should not even ask its youth to vote for them. The problem of unemployment exists in all the States of the Country. Let us look at Khadi Gram Udyog Aayog which announced of job vacancies in October 2017 but cancelled the exam for the same in December 2017 due to unforeseen reasons. There were nearly four thousand applicants for a vacancy of only three hundred and forty seats, such is the situation in India. Not only this, there are so many examinations which are not conducted properly, for example, in the year 2017 in Uttar Pradesh itself the U.P Police Bharti Va Pranati Gunn cancelled three public examinations. There are students who have passed Staff Selection Commission in the year 2015 but have failed to get employment even till today. The fact that our youth is preparing round the year for competitive examinations which get cancelled at the last minute affects lakhs of students and all thanks to our negligent Government system. Students are coming out in public platforms like facebook, twitter and whatsapp and grieving over their situation but in vain. Mr. Ahmed says that instead of discussing such a grave problem over social media and showing our sympathy we have to rise in protest for our educated unemployed youth may be then the Government will take some steps to solve this problem. He says that we come forward to speak on matters of religion and community but we overlook the alarming problem of unemployment. In 2014, our Prime Minister Honorable Narendra Modi had promised to create job opportunities for everyone but till date his Government has been unable to do so. Not only this the deserving candidates do not get proper jobs as jobs are given today on the basis of recommendations. At times when some people manage to procure a job for themselves they do not get salary according to their ability. Mr Ahmed says that it is about time we rise from our slumber and question the Government as to when and how it will give a proper solution to the problem of unemployment because year after year educational institutions are producing able-bodied youth but this valuable resource of the Country is getting wasted due to the incompetence of the Government.