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Murder kills the physical frame of a person but rape degrades the soul of a helpless female.

The National President and InternationaL Convener of Human Rights Protection Association, Mr. Shamim Ahmed is deeply annoyed at the condition of the present Indian society where even minors are being sexually assaulted. While addressing the Press Mr. Ahmed said that the incidents of sexual assault committed against the female population of the Country is extremely saddening. Women in the Indian society have always been considered as objects of enjoyment. They are subjected to humiliation, exploitation and torture by men. In a Country where we have female goddesses and the Vedas, where women are glorified as mothers, the one who can nourish life, in the same Country we also have women who are subjugated and suppressed by men. Time has been the eye witness of all the suffering of women, be it sex discrimination, exploitation, oppression, aggression, degradation or humiliation. As the World is improving in technology and there is advancement in material prosperity, the rate of unnatural sex and violation of the honor of females is also increasing. In our newspapers, rape rears its ugly façade almost every day. Sometimes it is a brutal rape and murder by a stranger, gang-rape of a female by her acquaintances and at times rape of minors, for instance, the rape of an eight month old infant by a twenty-eight year old man in Delhi. In recent years there has been an increase in the ratio of rape in India. According to the National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB) in the year 2017, 36,651 rapes were committed out of which 33,098 were committed by someone known to the victim. Rape victims were among the age group of below six years to above sixty years. It should be noted that rape outrages a woman’s modesty. After a rape incident, a woman lives a pathetic life which includes fear, depression, guilt complex, suicidal actions and social stigma. Mr. Shamim Ahmed says that violence against women happens because of inefficient legal justice system, weak rules of law and male dominated social and political structure. Reports of rape cases are becoming such a common thing in our newspapers that we are not even paying heed to it but rape is a social problem which needs subjective concern. While a murder destroys the physical frame of the victim, a rapist degrades and defiles the soul of a helpless victim. Mr. Shamim Ahmed says that if we look at the history of India we will get to know that 1400 years back female infanticide was practiced. Then came a time, when with improvement of technology we saw cases of female-foeticide or gender selective abortions happening. He says that people come out on the roads to protest against matters related to communities and religion but no one comes forward to protest against the heinous crime of rape. He wants to ask Indians as to when they will rise and speak against such a problem. When will steps be taken to make society a better place where females will breathe freely without any fear. The National President of Human Rights Protection Association says that the dire need of the hour is to realize the seriousness of this social evil called rape and strict steps should be taken by the Government to punish rapists. As per the opinion of Mr. Shamim Ahmed exemplary punishment should be given to the rapists which will be a lesson for the entire society. Also if needed, necessary amendments related to this grievous offence of rape should be made in the Indian Constitution and the Indian Penal Code. Moreover a women squad should be established in every district which will cater to the problems of women exclusively. In conclusion it can be said that this burning problem of rape should be rooted out not only from India but the entire world because women are our wonderful daughters, sisters, wives and mothers and they should be loved, cared, respected and protected.