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Mr.Shamim Ahmed, the National President, India and International Convener of Human Rights Protection Association, inaugurated a new program called ‘Food For All’ on 11th of February, 2018 outside the National Control Office located at 48B, Anandapalit Road, Kolkata 700014. The initiation of this program has been done to feed the poor and needy people of the city as Mr. Ahmed feels that no one should sleep with an empty stomach, even if one person around us ends his or her day without having a proper meal it is our duty as responsible citizens of the Country to come forward and feed the helpless, only then we can sleep peacefully. As per this program every evening the unfortunate people who are unable to buy food for themselves will be fed. At this inaugural ceremony a four wheeler with the slogan, ‘ Helping people makes this world a better place’, too was presented before everyone, the sole purpose with which Mr. Shamim Ahmed has bought this vehicle is to carry food around the city every evening and distribute it to the unfortunate section of the society. This program was attended by a number of well-known people of not only the city but also from all over the Country. Mr. Moinuddin Shams, Member of Legislative Assembly, West Bengal, who was present in this program said that Mr. Shamim Ahmed who carried out the Urdu movement of West Bengal is famous all over the Country as ‘Qaid-E-Urdu’ and we are ready to work for all the social causes that will be undertaken by him. Swami Parasnath Girijee Maharaj, the Mahanth of Naga Ashram, who came for the program said that Mr. Shamim Ahmed is the name of a movement for social cause. Swamiji had actively taken part in the Urdu movement of West Bengal, he sat for hunger strikes and even went to the Governor of West Bengal along with Mr. Ahmed during the movement to get recognition of Urdu as the second State language in West Bengal. Swamiji even said that just like he has stood with Mr. Ahmed before he will support him in this new program of feeding the poor people of the society also. Dr. Jamaluddin Shams said that the efforts of Mr. Shamim Ahmed is worth appreciation because there is no one in the whole of Kolkata who has undertaken the task of feeding the poor every day at such a large scale. The program was also attended by Dr. Dilnawaz Romi, who had come all the way from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to be a part of this noble cause. There was Ms. Lily Chakravarty, the State Working Chairman of Women’s Cell, Human Rights Protection Association, West Bengal, who sang a Rabindra sangeet ‘Ekla Cholo Re.’ Apart from the above mentioned person, the program was also attended by Mr. Shamim Rehmani, Mr. Qudratullah, Ranjit Kumar Pal, a former army man and many other people who came in support of this noble cause. Mr. Shamim Ahmed, the noble man behind this humble cause in his speech said that he is a social activist and to serve the society is his mission in life. Since he has the support of people from all the sections of society he has been able to achieve his goals for the welfare of society. The inaugural program was followed by an Urdu poetry session where famous poets like Ms. Bushra Sabir, Mr. Rais Ahmed Hydari, Mr. Irum Ansari, Mr. Yusuf Akhtar, Dr.Aquil Ahmed Aquil presented before the audience melodious lines on various topics of societal issues. The program ended with a vote of thanks given by Mr.Shamim Ahmed where he appreciated the presence of everyone and all those who had attended the program mentioned that they will always stand in support of all the noble causes that will be undertaken by Mr. Ahmed.