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The sacrifices made by our soldiers will remain engraved in the Nation 's memory said Mr. Shamim Ahmed

Mr. Shamim Ahmed, the National President and International Convener of Human Rights Protection Association showed deep reverence on the occasion of cremation of Jawans killed in the recent ambush at L.O.C. He glorified the values of sacrifice and heroism of the valiant martyrs who wrote with their pure blood the greatest chapters of courage, glory and pride. The heroism showed by the soldiers will remain engraved in the Nation’s memory and immortal in our conscience. Mr. Shamim Ahmed said that we should salute our vigilant soldiers, officers and commanders of our armed forces for protecting our homeland. It is because of their bravery and sacrifices that they make in the line of duty for defending the Nation that we are able to sleep peacefully in our homes. Mr. Ahmed is of the opinion that we citizens should bow our heads in respect for the souls of our brave and heroic soldiers, whose names will live eternally as martyrs of honour, courage and patriotism. Our martyrs have set magnificent examples of sacrifices that entrusts us with the responsibility to preserve our unity and become more committed and dedicated to continue the drive of evolving our beloved Motherland. While speaking to the Press Mr. Shamim Ahmed said that very soon the Bihar unit of Human Rights Protection Association will visit the bereaved families of the martyrs- Premnath Singh, Mujahid Khan, Raghunandan Prasad, Shambhusaran Rai and others to show gratitude and express condolences to them for producing heroes who devoted their lives and offered their precious blood to keep the Nation’s flag flying high. Mr. Shamim Ahmed even said that the families of the martyrs will get full support from Human Rights Protection Association. He said that to sacrifice one’s self for the sake of the Nation represents ultimate dedication, devotion and loyalty, it is an unprecedented sacrifice and an invaluable gift. Mr. Ahmed also prays to Almighty for the children and relatives of the martyrs for their firm conviction, courage, composure, patriotism and great patience.