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HOLI : An Attempt To Bridge Social Gap

On the occasion of Holi Human Rights Protection Association celebrated the festival with a lot of pomp. If we look at the present scenario of our Country we will see turbulence overtaking the Nation with issues of Love Jihad, Hindu-Muslim disputes happening all over the Country. However we have an organization called Human Rights Protection Association headed by Mr. Shamim Ahmed, who is its National President and International Convener, which is trying its best to spread the word of brotherhood, peace, unity and affection where people belonging to different castes and communities came together to celebrate the festival of colours. Usually we see that people celebrate festivals within the comfort of their homes with their loved ones but here in this organization it was seen that the festival was celebrated with fellow citizens who do not get an opportunity to celebrate festivals in a splendid way. It is believed by Mr. Shamim Ahmed that if one is hungry one will not be able to enjoy any kind of festivities, therefore, he alongwith his team has put immense efforts to feed the unfed because if one is satisfactorily fed they will be able to work with renewed enthusiasm the next day.. Mr. Ahmed alongwith his team mates also went to Kalighat temple to distribute food packets to people, the menu included poori, aludum and kheer. We need people like Mr.Ahmed who can think about others and works selflessly because if we don’t then the rich cultural heritage that we have inherited from our ancestors will be lost. The unique way of celebrating Holi with the colour of love instead of playing with colours brought about smiles on those faces which have been deprived of happiness for a long time. In India festivals are the fabric of society that binds it together creating a happy and harmonious atmosphere. Mr. Ahmed is of the opinion that that when we apply the paint of love to the mind all differences disappear, we become one and we will be able to move ahead in unity. The entire team of Human Rights Protection Association has made an effort to break the barriers people have built around themselves and during the festival of Holi, they have put all efforts to bridge the social gap and spread the message of harmony and affinity by celebrating the festival with the unfortunate section of the society.