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Humanity has no religion- Shamim Ahmed

Human Rights Protection Association wishes well-being to everyone on the occasion of Ram Navami. This day is etched out as the auspicious occasion that consecrates the birth of Shri Ram who is seen as eternally blissful and in his earthly form he came to exemplify the perfect man, referred to as ‘Maryada Purshottam.’ Shri Ram is the epitome of virtue, morality, righteousness, generosity and humility. He spread the message of universal brotherhood, peace, love and fought against the evils of avarice, hatred and egoism. He depicted the victory of good over evil. The National President and International Convener of Human Rights Protection Association Mr. Shamim Ahmed is of the opinion that those who truly love and respect Shri Ram and are his true and ardent followers will do their best to follow the righteous path of harmony, brotherhood, peace and affection shown by him. The one’s who spread hatred, violence and kill each other brutally cannot be true followers of a divine soul like Shri Ram. So Mr. Ahmed requests everyone to follow the positive path of leading life as shown by Maryada Purshottam because those who truly love Shri Ram will never commit any act which could hurt people around them. Also it gives immense pleasure to let everyone know that the program of feeding the pavement dwellers of the city which was started by Mr. Shamim Ahmed on 11th of February 2018 is continuing successfully. Just like the festival of Holi was celebrated with distribution of special food prepared for the poor people of the city so was the festival of Ram Navami celebrated by distributing nutritious food to the footpath inhabitants of the city. Mr. Ahmed himself went to the famous historical Kali temple of Kolkata to distribute food packets to the poor and lonely people and spread the message of generosity and goodness in the society as taught by Shri Ram on the occasion of Ram Navami.