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An irresponsible media is a threat to the Country : Shamim Ahmed

While speaking to the Press the National President and International Convener of Human Rights Protection Association Mr. Shamim Ahmed said that one of the greatest achievements of India is free and vibrant Press. This is an accomplishment of direct relevance to the working of any democracy. The survival and flowering of Indian democracy owes a great deal to freedom and vigour of our press. The media should play the role of an impartial arbiter and provide an open and broad platform for public deliberation. However ‘peace journalism’ remains controversial in the present times as a huge percentage of media is bringing forward news that implicates to divide the Nation. Time has come when some introspection by the India media is required. There have been times when people of the Country have been unsure of certain news brought forward by the media however the sting operation performed by Cobra Post.Com has proven the bitter reality that a section of media has become irresponsible and wayward. As per the report of Cobra Post.Com paid news is becoming a big concern in our Country. The undercover agents of the above mentioned investigation agency bought to limelight as to how they approached various news channels and met the CEO and editor line people who agreed to broadcast and publish such news that were not only detrimental to the democratic nature of the Country but also were ready to character assassinate certain political parties and their leaders so that people may lose faith in them. Not only this some media houses even give tips and suggestions on how certain campaigns on a specific issue could be carried on so that one could attain political gain out of it. Moreover , many times media also portrays a particular community of people as mischievous, the ones who are destroying the unity of the Country while the truth remains that the manner in which certain news is portrayed before the audience in televisions and newspapers only tend to create an evil impression of certain group of people. Mr. Ahmed therefore says that instead of dividing the Country between religion and caste and spreading the message of communal hatred it is important that the media spread the message of unity and co-operation. Many a times it is also seen that instead of focusing on problems faced by more than 75% of Indians which is of hunger, unemployment, lack of proper medical and health facilities the media diverts attention of people towards unimportant news of what was eaten by an actor for dinner or how a party was celebrated by the elite section of the society. Mr. Shamim Ahmed asks if this is how the media should turn a Nelson’s eye to the harsh economic reality of our people and Country? The media can make or break the peaceful atmosphere in the Country. One concocted story can actually put people’s lives in peril and disturb the fabric of society. Since news has a deep impact on our minds and influences our decision-making process the media has to act responsibly. The media should reveal the truth in the most acceptable form without creating agitations and maintain transparency. They should help in spreading positive radiance that could circulate a positive aura amongst the masses who could drive out their energy in cleaning up the political sewer and save the Nation from dooming down. In conclusion, Mr. Ahmed says that it is not the entire media that has fallen prey to publishing incorrect information instead it is only a part of the media that brings forward fabricated news and if this section of the media still proves incorrigible, harsh measures can be taken against it but that should be the last resort. We should first try to resolve issues through discussion, consultations and self-regulations as these are the methods that should be used in a democratic set up.