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Mr. Shamim Ahmed demands mandatory social audit in every State of India

While addressing the Press the National President and International Convener of Human Rights Protection Association Mr. Shamim Ahmed said that the need of the hour is ‘social audit.’ Social audit should be such that it involves auditing of various schemes by the population of the Country to understand and verify the work done under different schemes not just to keep an update on the working of the Government but also to help in improving the performance of the Government bodies. Maintaining secrecy in governance or claiming undone things as accomplished will always lead to loopholes therefore hearing the opinion of the general masses on matters claimed as accomplished by the Government is needed. Hence social audits should become widely accepted as an important mechanism to address and strengthen the accountability in Government services. Mr. Ahmed says that participation of citizens will promote collective responsibility. Instead of diverting people’s attention on unimportant matters related to glamour and showbiz world which is the current trend in our Country if the media comes up with discussing an important matter of making social auditing necessary in every State that would be beneficial for the masses. The reason why social audit is important is because it not only empowers the citizens with information and enables them to exercise their rights by creating a platform through which they can engage with the Government and demand accountability of their entitlements but also raise their grievances because once their grievances are raised efforts will be made for their quick redressal. Mr.Shamim Ahmed says that each time a political party comes to power they make several schemes for the welfare of the people and themselves submit reports regarding the implementation and success of the scheme however what should be done is that the public right from the grass root level should be asked as to how far they have benefitted from various welfare schemes because if the people of the Country can queue up in harsh weather and travel hundreds of kilometres to cast their votes and bring a certain party to power they do have the right to voice their feedback if they are actually benefitting from welfare schemes. Mr. Ahmed strongly believes that the people of the Country should be asked, a ‘Jansunwai’ should be called for to see how many of them have attained proper houses under the Indira awaas Yojana, what percentage of households have truly got access to atleast one bank account despite lack of KYC documents under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, how many families have actually managed to have enough savings for their daughters as per the Sukanya Samridhi Yojana or how many small scale businessmen, self-help groups and individuals have got access to credit, loans, insurance and financial statements to help them in establishing and growing their business as per the Mudra Bank Yojana. For instance during a round of social audit done in the State of Andhra Pradesh about four thousand government officials were suspended from their duties due to their under performance. In the public hearing people spoke of the issues faced by them such as delay in payments and regular frauds and the matter was resolved by implementing corrective measures. Therefore Human Rights Protection Association and its leader Mr. Shamim Ahmed believes that at a time when we are speaking of a digital India social audit should be started right from the grass root level so that we can get a clear picture of how far the welfare programs of the Government is actually beneficial to the people because if the people despite casting their votes are unable to reap the benefits of the developmental schemes then it is about time that steps be taken for addressing the problems of the masses.