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Raise your voice for your rights : Shamim Ahmed

Indians from time immemorial have spread and promoted peace but now live with the attitude of ‘let it be.’ Anything that goes wrong in our Country which does not concern us directly we let it remain unattended. Matters like corruption, deplorable conditions of roads and lack of punctuality in railway system are important matters of concern in the present times which has been sidelined by the media because the commoners due to their let it be attitude are not raising their voices in protest and claiming their rights. What the media reports everyday and feeds the masses in the name of news are matters related to religion, caste, reservation policies, debates on which religious institutions should be constructed. The National President and International Convener of Human Rights Protection Association Mr. Shamim Ahmed says that if the media is done with distracting the people of the Country from important matters it should now start with addressing all the elementary problems. Mr. Ahmed says that on 11th of April 2018 when he was travelling from Kolkata to his hometown Chakia from Howrah junction the despicable condition of the Indian Railway system bought tears to his eyes. The train by which Mr. Ahmed was travelling was ten hours late by the time it reached its final destination. What bothers him more is not only the running late of trains but also the despicable conditions in which the helpless passengers have to travel. Even though the passengers queue up for hours and spend their hard earned money to purchase a ticket their trains do not arrive on time. The lack of punctuality of trains is an important matter of concern, for instance, the Swatantra Senani Express which leaves from Jaynagar, Bihar for New Delhi has been running late upto three hours ever since the year 2015. On 3rd of May the Patna Kota Express (13239) was late by 19 hours and on 4th May it was late by 16 hours 45 minutes. The running late of this particular train has caused inconvenience to thousands of students who were travelling from Patna to Kota on account of their studies. Another example of impunctuality can be seen by the Champaran Humsafar Express (15705) which started from 13th April 2018 and is not even a month old but is running late by 18 hours. Mr. Ahmed says that when a new train is launched the media gives immense news on its color and beautiful interiors something which happened in the case of the Humsafar Express which was started on 16th of December 2016 and a lot of focus was given to its LED bulb and cctv camera fittings but no coverage was done by the media when the same train started running late regularly and passengers had to face the ordeal of waiting for hours on end that too on platforms where they did not have any access to waiting rooms. All this just makes it evident that the Railway Ministry has no concern or respect for the time of its passengers. There may be passengers who might be travelling in emergency situations like that of attending a funeral, writing an examination or meeting on a medical practitioner for their health. The very fact that such news are not flashed before the people gives liberty to the Railway Ministry to remain content with their lackadaisical attitude. The National President of Human Rights Protection Association was overcome by grief when he witnessed the sorrowful condition in which his co-passengers were travelling in Mithila Express. Despite having tickets Mr. Ahmed witnessed the sight of parents travelling with their sick children near lavatories without having proper seats, standing of people standing for 6-7 hours at a stretch near the gates where a little disbalance could lead them to fall of on railway tracks and take away their lives, all this disturbed him immensely and he is compelled to raise questions like till when will the media cover futile matters of religion and caste and overshadow important matters of public concern to hide the incompetency of the Government. Due to the miserable conditions of the railway system many bus services have been started connecting different cities but the safety of the passengers is questionable here too because on the permit of one tourist bus there are hundreds of them plying on the roads which leads to accidents resulting in the death of people but such news are also ignored by the media. Mr. Ahmed says that we the people of the Country should wake up from our slumber and realize that it is we who cast our votes for political parties and bring them to power so let us do it wisely. Just like we look for the best match for our sisters and daughters while getting them married similarly should we analyse each candidate and pick the best leader for our Country who shall work for the upliftment of the people and attend to all their minor and major grievances. It is time we rise above religion and stop looking upon elections as an ordinary matter and bring such able-bodied personnels to power who shall be beneficial to the Nation. HRPA (11th May 2018)