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Bridge collapse claims innocent lives : Shamim Ahmed

The National President and International Convener of Human Rights Protection Association Mr. Shamim Ahmed deeply morns the loss of innocent lives due to collapse of an under construction flyover in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh on 15th of May 2018. The two pillars of the flyover that collapsed in the city’s Cantt area brought a slab of concrete down crumbling workers and some local vehicles as well. The portion of the flyover that fell had been laid as recently as February. Occurrence of such incidents are not new in our Country and each time such accidents take place a National Disaster Response Force is deployed to lead the rescue operation. Unfortunately in such accidents more than half the victims are in the economically active age group of 25-65 years and the loss of the main bread winner of families can be catastrophic. It is also seen that an Enquiry Committee is set up to investigate into the matter, ministers at times visit the accident spot, offer condolences and compensation to the families of the bereaved however never has it happened that those who are responsible for faulty project planning are reprimanded or punished under law. A fair investigation and punishment to awry project makers is what is needed but what the political leaders do is just wash their hands off by expressing momentary grief. Mr. Ahmed is of the opinion that it is time for the common people to raise their voices and demand punishment for all those involved in making faulty welfare projects because such accidents can be averted if proper safety guidelines and best measures are strictly practiced. It is important that we stand for all those innocent lives that are lost each time such mishaps occur and revolt against the inadequacy of the Government because our ministers are not concerned about the security and welfare of people. What is of interest to them is the security of their vote banks for which they are ready to offer few lakhs as compensation but not execute those who are responsible for the disaster. All this just makes it evident that the lives of the commoners are of no value to the ministers. It is as if we people are meant to be crushed like insects and die such untimely deaths. It is therefore needed that we wake up, open our eyes, take notice of all the misdeeds that are happening around us and demand for a wide range of measures for the safety and security of our lives because each such incident is a tragedy and involves high human sufferings and injuries. In conclusion Mr. Shamim Ahmed says that proper chalking down of plans by engineers, consultants and contractors should be done. Focusing on safety on bridge construction site is crucial because it not just protects workers from injuries and death but also helps in keeping jobs on schedule by avoiding accident related delays. HRPA (16.05.2018)