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It is shameful that a man dies out of hunger # Shamim Ahmed

A 42 year old man named Nemchandra from Bareilley died after starving for three days as he was unable to procure food. The National President and International Convenor Mr. Shamim Ahmed said that he is extremely pained to hear the news of Nemchandra 's death. It is shameful that after seventy years of Independence Indians are dying out of hunger. The appalling condition under which he was living and died eventually is distressing. His old mother had to sell one and half kg of grain left in his house to get a meagre amount so that she could buy medicines for her son unaware of the fact that he was soon going to bid the world farewell. When Dr. Rajendra Prasad became the President of India he had said that he came from a village where he lived in a mud house. Even the present President Honourable Ram Nath Kovind in his speech had said that he too was born and brought up in a mud hut. But the question that arises here is that people who rise from such situations and attain respectable positions in the Country why do they not remember their days of poverty and even if they do why is it that after so many years of Independence crores of people are still living in wretched conditions. Mr. Shamim Ahmed says that instead of lamenting over such issues we should come forward and raise our voices against poverty, casteism and religious battles because if we don 't then innumerable females will keep losing their sons and husbands everyday in the name of poverty just like Nemchandra. In order to stop this we have to question the Government. We have to rise against trivial issues which divides the Country and consolidatedly fight against all kinds of social evils only then we will be able to truly pay homage to the martyrs of our Country and attain a harmonious India which they had dreamt of.